Nowadays, the ideal final product inspection no longer has to take place in the traditional analogue way. 3D scans, 3D modelling and 3D printing are a highly professional and much more cost-effective method of creating prototypes and visual concepts.

“Computer-generated mannequins” save money and time – from design to visualisation and actual printing.

In the past, prototypes required elaborate modelling by sculptors and had to be manufactured at special production facilities. Thanks to innovative 3D printing technology, the perfect mannequin can now be designed on the computer screen and printed in different sizes, including the original. Does the right arm need to be angled differently? Should the feet be a little wider apart? Thanks to 3D hybrid sculpting, these little tweaks are just a few mouse clicks away.

Even though digital technology has come a long way, we know that nothing compares to the final “analogue” touch. After all, when it comes to mannequins, it’s not only about appearances.

Our 3D hybrid sculpting concept combines traditional crafts with innovative, digital 3D methods to achieve the best results for you and your customers. Let us show you our possibilities and solutions! 3D prototyping made in Germany – by Penther.


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