Together with the company SonoBeacon, we have created a novelty in the field of mannequins – the first Sono mannequin.

SonoBeacon GmbH has developed a novel application of audio technology: The audio signal is transmitted via a loudspeaker and the microphone of the smartphone acts as the receiver. The technology allows for the indoor location of customers to be precisely determined for the first time. This precise location determination makes it possible to send customers brand-related and personalised offers – exactly where they expect them.

Penther GmbH’s many years of know-how combines the SonoBeacon technology with first-rate mannequins. The SonoBeacon is integrated into the specially designed head of the mannequin. Membranes in the mannequin’s mask ensure smooth transmission of sound waves, while the loudspeaker and the technology remain completely invisible. Hence, the mannequin directly communicates with the customer’s smartphone.

The symbiosis with SonoBeacon underlines Penther GmbH’s creativity, flexibility and desire for innovation. Be part of it and join us on our journey into the future!

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