Everyone thinks it can’t be done, until someone comes along and does it.

Fashion companies enhance and sharpen their brand identities on a daily basis. The degree of sophistication, fascination and authenticity of a brand becomes apparent to customers through a glance at the shop windows of department stores, specialised fashion stores and the faces of the mannequins catching their eye directly at the POS.
When it comes to mannequins, Penther is among the prime suppliers in Germany. Boasting its own workshop, logistics and sculpting department, Penther regularly sends custom-made mannequin top models onto the catwalks of brand-makers.

Mannequins of all stages of development or prototypes can be manufactured promptly. Size, target group, window display or already existing faces – Penther’s mannequin design integrates corporate design and shop architecture. The surface feel, texture, colour and posture of the mannequins also have an influence on the overall impression conveyed by a brand.

Penther explores new paths, Penther creates new things and Penther finds solutions to supply mannequins in conformity with the CI. Today, every large fashion brand needs to have its own individual identity. Penther takes care of the development, production, logistics and, having its own workshop, also the maintenance of the mannequins.

Plenty of chain store operators throughout Europe also rely on the uniform accessories and appearance organised and delivered by Penther.

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